What is in the certification?

Implement and manage identity and access Implement and manage threat protection Implement and manage information protection Manage governance and compliance features in Microsoft 365

Certification Badge for MS-500

How I Passed?

I started with the learn module on Microsoft as that gave me the basics I needed to cover. learn modules on Microsoft.com.

While studying for it, I did find this fantastic YouTube video featured below. It is 2 hours long, but covers everything really nicely.

This test was tougher than the other Microsoft Certifications I have taken in the past.

For this one, I did spend the time to go through and then try to configure my lab tenant to each of the items covered. I also took the Udemy course on MS-500, but I have paused it midway through as I am having to spend a lot of time studying Intune for work, which is a pretty tough subject, but with my new role I have a lot of customers performing Intune deployments.

On to the next certification, which I think will be the MS-203. I have taken a new role as an Engineer at work, and while I am comfortable with ExchangeOnline, there are a lot of migration projects and hybrid deployments I will be working through and that is currently something I know on a surface level and not indepth.