I have forgotten about this site for the past few months. I have been working hard at my role at work, and I have not really touched the Arduino or Raspberry Pi at all.

I did get a sensor setup on my Raspberry PI that will being in all sorts of environmental sensing for my home office. It uploads the data to a dashboard which is kind of cool.

There is a public dashboard of its Output available on my Tago.io Dashboard

The sensor is from a Kickstarter I had backed a few months ago, and it has been cool to see the data cominging in. You can see the setpu below.

For 2021, I am refocusing on my training. I have reached out to a few colleagues for shadowing and some technical 1x1s. Part of the goals from my boss are to take some courses, and use the full 52 hours available to us, which I did not make full use of in 2020. I guess I just felt trapped by the pandemic and attempting to learn my job on the fly as I was the least tenured member of the team.

Fortunately I have a very supportive boss who has guided me and given me a ton of advice. I am required to take one course offered by our internal university once a quarter. I am also required to teach one class to the team once a quarter.

He is also encouraging me to earn some certificates and get some things knocked out to join one of our Engineering teams within the company.

It is really interesting to see how everyone is so supportive of everyone else at work.

My Goals for 2021:

  1. Earn my Securty+
  2. Earn AZ-900 from Microsoft
  3. Earn the ms-100 and ms-101 certificates
  4. Become proficient at PowerShell, since this is the backbone of Office 365.

I have a few books I am using to study, and am excited to start these tasks. I have started really studying my PowerShell, and have become better, but the next stage is scripting. I am going to try and have a weekly checkin with some PowerShell scripts I have worked on from my DomainController and what they do for my Office 365 tenant.