Here it comes:

  <p>I have been think of setting up this site for a while now but I haven't had the time. But now that we are in social distancing because of the Corona Virus, I have all the free time to work on this site.</p>
  <p>The goal of this site is to document all of the process that I am going through to learn and relearn some of the things that interest me. That is why I have decided to host in on Github Pages. </p>
  <p>The goal over the next few weeks:</p>
    <li>Learn my Arduino</li>
    <li>Setup My Raspberry PI</li>
    <li>Learn Git</li>
    <li>Finish Studying for the Dynamics 0365 Certificate (Test is on the 24th)</li>
    <li>Create this site and relearn how to use HTML and CSS. I am going for a CyberPunk aesthitic</li>
    <p>Eventually this site will move to Jekyyl as the CMS, but for the moment I am enjoying just making something simple in HTML and utilizing Sublime Text to craft the HTML and CSS like I did back and school. It is nice to have something simple and clean to work from.</p>